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  • 2014.08.14 Thursday
  • 13:39

First (Sono Ichi)

My parents exist and I am here today.
Been inspired by people around me, I am who I am today.
By Goju-Ryu Karate
Strengthen and integrate my body and soul.
Here we call it Goju-Ryu Ningen Juku.

Second (Sono Ni)

I compete with myself to be better than yesterday.
I aim to achieve better myself tomorrow.
To do so, I live just now with my best.

Third (Sono San)

Goju-Ryu Ningen Juku is
Begin with Rei, end with Rei.
Begin with Kata,  end with Kata.
Kata is beauty and skill.
Kata is the spirit of Ningen Juku.

(You can see the Japanese dojo kun in the website.


about taira sensei in english

  • 2011.09.05 Monday
  • 23:45

In these days,  I often wrote about Taira san . Nowadays so many people have been came to this blog through Facebook and dojo website.

By the way, I have supported Taira san using this blog because he is my old friend. But original  target of this my blog was Okinawan and Japanese people.

From next time I will move to Facebook about my comments on Taira san although The Facebook is a little difficult.

Taira san is not same as yesterday

  • 2011.09.04 Sunday
  • 01:19

Many karateka who love Taira san's technique were sometimes surprised to see his bunkai.

His bunkai in today is defferent from in yesterday. He has been improving his bunkai technique day by day. He does not stay in same position.

He said yesterday after keiko that he would demonstrate his technique in the seminar in USA and N.Z.

He likes to have the seminar in foreign country because there are so many big men and men of power. (I can't believe it.)


Thanks for dropping in this blog. Nowdays so many people come to this blog.
Of course my English is not so good but I believe you understand what I want  to say, don' t you?

an regulation of O.G.Kenkyukai

  • 2011.08.31 Wednesday
  • 11:44

Taira san is now making the regulation of Okinawa Gojuryu Kenkyukai.

Soon Glenn san will send it to karateka who loves taira san's karate.

" You can't understand what disconnecting with the power even if i say many times. you have to do many KEIKO. You need much experience. That is Gojuryu breathing technique."

-One of Taira san's messages-

Soon new information for Taira san and Kenkyukai will be up in Ningenjuku website.

Okinawa Gojuryu Kenkyukai

  • 2011.08.29 Monday
  • 11:58

We, I and Taira san, talked about his new oraganization after KEIKO.

masaji to bunkai

taira tsumami2
Taira san's favorite tsumami is simple, cheap and oishii.

taira tsumami3
Gold leaves in awamori for taira san. i don't drink awamori but wine. 

OKINAWA GOJURYU KENKYUKAI will begin to move soon.

Masaji Taira as chairman.

Katsuhiko Yogi as adviser.

Keiji Ito and Glenn McIlvride are as staff.

More information about Taira san and Kenkyukai will be up soon  in <Ningenjuku dojo website>

ningenjuku dojo support masaji taira

  • 2011.08.21 Sunday
  • 11:18

yesterday i trained with taira san first time since my leaving jundokan and also his leaving jundokan.

masaji t

since now we are going to train together and i support him to make his organization.

<okinawa gojuryu jundokan karatedo kenkyukai>

to contact him, use ningenjuku email address for a while. 

"the room of taira" will be opened soon in ningenjuku dojo web site.

sensei masaji taira

  • 2011.08.14 Sunday
  • 14:08

last night i was with taira san in the bar and we talked about the future plan.

 masaji kai nite

since taira san left jundokan, he has to build up  his new group. 

he needs some help and i will assist his success as possible. 

taira san is my old karate friend and he influenced me much about the karate skills.
one more thing, he is the official technical adviser for my dojo.

taira san is very energetic for his future plan.

from ningenjuku dojo,

to all karateka who love taira sensei's karate.

see this, japanese website of ningenjuku dojo.

death of charisma

  • 2011.08.05 Friday
  • 15:27

it is usual story that the segmentation of organization after death of an charismatic leader.

the more time passed the more segments.

there is an words "so many men so many minds"

but the truth of the segmentation is only the power game, money.

stop and think it in peace and quiet.

watch his activities not his sayings.  

then go on your way, my friends.

from okinawa ningenjuku

SANCHIN is the motion meditation

  • 2011.02.13 Sunday
  • 18:48

I do not know how many way of the meditation in this world. But our Okinawa Gojuryu SANCHIN is just like meditation to me.

Every morning in dojo with no noise but with Hemi-sync music, to concentrate on deep breathing, to chase breathing,to chase imaginary KI. In good day morning is best, because of having sunshine.
In my case , SANCHIN, SANCHIN DAI NI and TENSHO are one set, then at least  I do 4 sets.

After having my dojo and do SANCHIN every day, I now feel something actually. I did not feel it before. 

SANCHIN is the motion meditation.

I am very happy because of meeting KARATE , because of meeing Gojuryu, because of meeting SANCHIN. Thanks God.

p.s.  (Feb.15)

SANCHIN and TENSHO are same and are different.  same and different ? what ?

How come TENSHO is as HEISHUGATA  ?

In Japanese Kanji HEISHU means " closed palm"  but TENSHO kata is opened palm. what does it mean ?

p.s. 2 (Feb.17)

" It is said that ZEN has ZA ZEN, RITSU ZEN, GA ZEN, DO ZEN. SANCHIN is the DO ZEN and RITSU ZEN ."

from the book "OKINAWADEN GOJURYU KARATEDO" by Eiichi Miyazato, 1979

p.s. 3 (Feb.21)

Please be careful who are in high blood pressure disease when do tough SANCHIN, especially in aged. Do not forget to care your body by stretching and other ways for head, neck, shoulders after SANCHIN KEIKO.


  • 2010.12.11 Saturday
  • 23:22

Today it has been 11 years  after Miyazato Sensei's passing away (in 1999) , so I went to Jundokan Honbu Dojo to pray and burn incense for Sensei.

Until last year, of course I did it every year when I trained in dojo but today it is first time to sit and talk with Kancho Yoshihiro san in front of BUTSUDAN.

And also I saw first time that Miyazato Sensei had wirtten that like The Affirmation.

See this is it.


I asked to Kancho Yoshihiro when Sensei had written this but he did not know.

Seeing this I imagined and I got the warm feeling  and  have felt close to him Sensei.


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